Stormy Cycle Parts and Service


Are you looking to get that little extra out of your ride? Or, would you rather squeeze out every last drop of power? We have the skill, resources and knowledge to maximize the potential of your machine, such as getting a little extra power or strapping yourself in so you don't fly off the back. When you bring your vehicle in for performance work, we sit down and evaluate what you would like out of your machine and work out a budget so we can help you get the best bang for your buck.

Performance Services Offered:

  • Engine Modifications

    • Over Boring

    • Stroking

    • Cams

    • Cylinder Head Modifications

    • Exhaust

    • Intake/Fuel Delivery 

    • Ignition Systems


  • Suspension Tuning

    • Adding Adjustable Suspension

    • Adjusting Suspension for Vehicle Purpose

    • Raising or Lowering per Application


  • Driveline Efficiency

    • Tires/Tracks Better Suited to Your Specific Application

    • Upgraded Clutching

    • Lower Friction Bearings

    • Stronger Belt/Chain

    • Sprocket/Pulley Size Adjustment per Application


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