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Winter Storage Special

Storage Begins November 1st 2013 to March 31st 2014

Stormy Cycle will provide winter motorcycle storage services November 1st, 2013 – March 31st 2014. Reserving a spot in our clean, dry, heated, salt free and fully secured winter storage facility gets your garage and or shed more room so you don't have to worry about your motorcycle getting damaged or rusty.

For $295.00 you will receive the following:

  • A five month pre-paid storage spot of 96”x32” (November 1st, 2013 – March 31st, 2014)
  • Any service or repair work that is done on stored vehicles between the stated storage dates will be eligible for 20% off on labor done during the storage period.

  • Climate controlled storage

  • Clean, dry, heated and fully secured

  • E-mail reminder in the spring for vehicle pick-up.

  • Vehicle pick-up and delivery is available for an additional fee.

  • A full vehicle inspection prior to storing to evaluate any mechanical or visual concerns

  • Provide future maintenance recommendations

  • Fog cylinders to prevent premature cylinder rusting

  • Pressurize tires to prevent flat spots

  • Test battery and charging system
    • Battery can be placed on charger for $20 for entire winter

    • Customer can supply a battery charger for their vehicle and will drop rate to $10

  • Installation of license plate tabs (if customer supplied)

  • Stabilize fuel and top-off gas tank (a fuel charge will be added to vehicles not brought in full)

  • Empty fuel from carburetor bowl

  • Test ride before storing and after in the spring

  • Test all vehicle functions

  • Clean vehicle in spring

Payment Policy

Full payment is required at the time of reservation. A space cannot be reserved until the non-refundable storage rate charge is collected. Any/all service or repair work performed during the storage period must be paid at the time of completion of the work. A monthly finance charge of 10% will be applied to unpaid balances past 30 days from the date of completed work order/invoice.

Penalty for Late Motorcycle Pick-Up

All motorcycles must be picked up at Stormy Cycle or have a scheduled delivery completed by Stormy Cycle no later than close of business on March 31st, 2014. All motorcycles NOT picked up or delivered on or before March 31st, 2014, will be subject to a $25 per day storage fee. Customers must provide five (5) or more business days notice to Stormy Cycle to schedule any pick-up or delivery (vehicles must still be delivered on or before the end of winter storage of March 31st, 2014).


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